Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dragon Tamer


This is a picture of a princess interacting with a dragon.

It is currently nothing more than that and is based on absolutely nothing in particular.

I drew it on printer paper with a No.2 pencil.

I honestly have no idea what made me draw this... maybe I had just watched "How to Train Your Dragon" which I periodically do because, in my humble opinion, IT IS MAD CUTE AND I LOVE IT. Plus I like to draw princesses. A + B = Dragon

This much I do know: I drew it at work while the children accomplished homework and it is the first effort that I ever made at any sort of a dragon. OH! I think that part of the reason that I made this was that Brooke was studying China at the time... possibly. Hmm.

I seem to like giving those squiggly claws to dragony things... I've done it in a couple of different pieces...

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