Saturday, January 7, 2012

I used to make things out of clay...

I took a ceramics class at DCC, the school that I went to before SVA, and all that I wanted to do there was make mugs. Why not? You know that mugs are useful. People use them. They are also not too big and can be given as gifts easily. But I did keep one of them. My crowning achievement was this mug and my roomie and I use it on a regular basis.

I glazed it well, and the handle is nice and even and it holds a sweet amount of tea. I'm drinking some Harney & Sons lychee tea out of it this very morning. The only real problem with it (and it's not a real problem) is that it's heavy. I must have not pushed the clay towards the base of the mug out enough... but thats okay. I also have a teal table to put it on. 

I made a bunch of other ones of various colors and sizes but they weren't as nice (this is only about half of them).

As you can see. 

I also had to make a bunch of random stuff like abstract bookcases and cups that I glazed for practice (try and guess which is which down there). I also have one little dish that I keep quarters in for doing laundry.

Even when we had to make other projects, I would always find a way to go back to making mugs. Because I like them. Maybe I'll do it again sometime... It was fun even if I wasn't always good at it.

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