Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sometimes I am like a Goldfish.

I like shiny things, always have, probably always will. Apparently so do goldfish, so we have that in common. I mention this because I made a really shiny collage that I had almost forgotten about until I randomly came across it last night while showing something else to Audrey.

So here it is:

Collage, 12"x 9"

It also happens to be goldish like a goldfish, so... that's cool. I made it over the summer while running a small art camp. We used newspaper, origami paper, magazines, and whatever else was handy. The kids ended up making really good ones. Fun times.

I also have a shiny teal snowflake that lives on a wall of my room year round which I love. It makes a good edition to this post because it snowed for the first time this winter last night (unless you count when it snowed in October... which I DON'T). Also it is teal.

You know you love it. 

All this talk of snow makes me wish that I didn't have to work tomorrow though... rhyme. Sigh. 

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