Sunday, October 30, 2011

Costume Masters Extraordinaire!

Yesterday, before we knew that there was going to be an epically cold rainstorm/snowstorm, my friend Audrey and I were hired to make some costumes for a couple going out to a Halloween party. They wanted to be Infinity Nets by the artist Yayoi Kusama. They come in a variety of colors and styles, but we were working to make them look something like this: 

Infinity Net, Yayoi Kusama

We used some metallic fabric paint and small brushes to essentially paint what would be the negative space in the paintings. We set up on the floor, mixed our paints, and went to work. The goal: paint one silk dress and one velvet suit jacket. I got the jacket, while Audrey worked on the dress. 

I'm not going to lie: fabric painting on velvet is NOT THE FUNNEST TIME. You have to apply and reapply it as it sucks the paint in and THEN deal with all of the weird furry edges that are still left. All that we could really think about while painting this was how it kinda ended up looking like the SVA flower....

Audrey worked diligently with the dress, which was turning out really shiny and awesome. It also kinda looked like a stained glass window... and then an elephant. And then a fancy ball gown. And then mosaic tiles. We saw all kinds of patterns as the blue one went along.

FINALLY, about 7 and 1/2 hours later we had reached this point here. And that was where we stopped. It took so much longer to do than any of us thought it would, and they needed to wear them that evening, so we worked until it made sense to stop and still looked good, blow dried them, and called it a night. I think that they look pretty snazzy. And I never could have gotten it done without Audrey... not in a million years. THANKS GUY~!! We always go for the win.  

Don't worry - We're professionals. 

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