Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am the Queen of Swords. And don't you forget it.

I've always thought that tarot cards were awesome, even though I don't fully understand them. That being said, I know someone who sort of does. So I forced him to read them for me (under pain of death), and this little lady was my significator:

The Queen of Swords

This is the magical Art Nouveau deck Queen of Swords, as well as 
the old school Rider deck version of her.

...which I guess makes sense. All I know is that she looks like she could maim you if you messed with her and that I love her. As for what she actually means, I have to rely on the wisdom of others, mainly that she is 
  • insightful 
  • precise
  • witty
  • stoic
  • seeing with clarity
  • upholding high standards 
  • cynicism
  • honorable
  • perfectionism
  • mentoring
  • sarcastic 
Bam... that seems about right. So the Queen of Swords I shall be.

I should also mention that I did not make the art for either of the above pictures. Antonella Castelli illustrated the Art Nouveau Tarot Deck, while the Rider Waite Smith Deck was illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith. Wouldn't it have been cool if I had illustrated them? Maybe I will... one day. 

Anyway, all of the art in the Art Nouveau deck is lovely, though I may be biased because I love art nouveau. In it, I find the Queen's whole 'ho hum' attitude while holding such huge sword hysterical - she is tolerating the person looking at her with a half smile and head tilt, but you can just tell that she will CUT YOU if you rub her the wrong way. The Rider version is a little more hardcore and mannish in appearance, but she also seems like she is totally willing to let you to plead your case before she cuts you. Her crown has butterflies on it for cripes sake. How bad could she be? 

P.S. "She wields the sword of justice, don't ya know?"  
- My tarot friend. Word for word. Win. 

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