Tuesday, October 25, 2011



I will tell you.

I love mermaids. They are all floating hair and whimsical bodies and MAGIC. Plus you can give them neat fish ears.

I thought for a while that mermaids were going to be the new vampires (just like vampires were the new pirates and pirates were the new... wizards? I think it may have been wizards. I guess I can't remember that far back... ) which really pissed me off because MERMAIDS ARE MINE. Back the hell off. However, it now seems like zombies maybe coming back as the new vampire... or that could just look like the case because it's real close to Halloween and that's a really easy costume. Whatever. 

The bottom line is that I love mermaids in all of their ridiculous, biologically impossible glory. 

While doing the drip-paintings, I thought it would be fin ( accidental typing pun. Leaving it.) to do the Little Mermaid as she would probably look if she were a real fish lady chillaxing under the sea, shoving any crabs or flounder unlucky enough to cross her path into her fanged jaws. And still managing to look saucy enough doing it to entice a prince or two:

The Little Mermaid

Oil, 20"x 30"

...I've also done some colored pencil illustrations for the original Little Mermaid Hans Christian Andersen story, but those came later. You'll be sure to see them eventually, don't worry...

P.S. On the topic of zombies, I recently read a book called "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion which turned out to be pretty damn good. It's from the perspective of a zombie which I imagine is hard to do while making an interesting/coherent book. Plus the cover art is neat. If you want an easy, different, and entertaining read you should check it out: http://www.isaacmarion.com/. Feel free to ignore the fact that Stephenie Meyer has anything to say about it.

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