Tuesday, November 1, 2011


...is the Beast.

Welcome to November. In honor of the new month, I figured I'd pull out this piece that I did a while back when I wanted to show Beauty and the Beast as one character. So obviously she had to be a warthog:

Beauty is the Beast
Colored Pencil, 10"x 14"

I also thought that this illustration should have a vanitas feel about it... so that's what the globe, bubbles, candles, mirror, etc. situation is all about. Plus I was able to work some dope patterning into the dress and utilize my skillz at making/coloring fabric. Skillz may not be the right word there... fascination? Either way I love drawing it. And as you may or may not be able to tell - I also love color. I LOVE COLOR A LOT.

... is also the *NEW* Florence + the Machine album! 

I bought Ceremonials today and I. AM. PUMPED. Her music is like the magical soundtrack to my brain. I've already heard a couple of the songs, but to hear the rest without interruption I will sacrifice my typical reading-on-the-subway that I do while in transit. Anyone who knows me knows that that means that I mean business. I'm sure that it'll be glorious, and if anyone else wants to partake they can check out  her pawnage of everything musical here


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