Monday, November 21, 2011

"Hunger is golden"

So... today after I picked up Brooke, the 10 yr old that I watch, she wandered into her room to accomplish (what I assumed was) her homework. I went in to ask her about dinner options a little while later she squealed and covered some colorful looking stuff on her computer, telling me, "It's not done! YOU CAN'T LOOK YET!" 

I was intrigued.

What this mystery project turned out to be was, as she described it, The Hunger Games - based entirely on the images that she had seen on my blog and things that she had heard me say about it. 

"You can't look at it... but you have to put it on your blog. Okay?" 

So I obviously told her that I would if she could figure out how to email it to me. 

She did. 

Hunger is golden - the title of the email in which I received this file. I laughed. I laughed good and hard. 

SO MUCH SUCCESS BROOKE, SO MUCH SUCCESS. There are so many amazing aspects of this I don't even know where to start. It's a little bit like when she saw the trailer for the last Harry Potter movie and declared, vehemently, that Hogwarts exploded. I just could not convince her otherwise until she actually finished the book.

I think that she made it with some sort of pre-set comic program.

Love it.

Dear Brooke, 
You are going to look back on this once you 
have read the books and love it too. 
Love, Laura. 

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